Limits Reached with Wedding Guests Taking Pictures with Phones

Unplugged Wedding Day

Photography began as a way to keep images of moments permanently etched. To be a reminder of the special time seen and experienced, a memory that cannot be diminished with time.

In the early days of personal (not commercial) photography and pre-smartphones, photos were taken primarily at special occasions, holidays, vacations, and family gatherings but these days, no special occasion need occur, photos are very random with no reason required.

Digital cameras are ubiquitous and are no longer only accessible and used by the professional photographer but now are affordable and available to the photography enthusiast. When smartphones were introduced with a built-in camera, the art of selfies and groupies came into play and with the introduction of digital photos a new phenomenon of photography was born along with the advent of digital albums utilizing the platforms of Instagram, Flicker, and Facebook to name a few.

Taking photos can be a good thing creating an everlasting image and is so easily available to us with our smartphones, but there is phone etiquette one should be aware and considerate of especially during special occasions where a professional photographer has been hired to capture those special moments. A good example would be during a wedding event.  To see the bride and groom together at the altar exchanging their vows is quite a beautiful and wonderful moment. It truly is a dream come true for them, it’s magical and a once in a lifetime event that is worth remembering and experiencing.

But it continues, the rapid sounds of snapshots, one right after the other, everyone around you seems to be taking their personal photos with their phones during the event. It’s quite distracting and interrupts the loving and precious moments of the wedding.  I mean, what’s the point of hiring a professional photographer to capture a special moment when some people are already snapping away with their handheld cameras or phones. Orange County wedding photographer prices are not inexpensive and for a professional to capture those moments during a wedding and getting a shot without guests with phones in their faces or held up high, is proving to be more difficult. The wedding party is actually beginning to request their guests please refrain from phone use in any manner during the ceremony.

There’s actually a post in Facebook made by a professional photographer and in his post he tells of his frustrations during a wedding photo shoot. The groom was anxiously waiting for his bride to arrive and when the music started, he knew his bride was on her way but then, all guests stand as expected out of respect for the bride, and then the phones suddenly appear, with the guests moving into the aisle to capture their photo, hands held high, jostling for position with the groom waiting somewhat patiently and  having no clear view of his beautiful bride on her way to him. He was having to crane his neck, get on his toes to see his lovely bride walk down the aisle to him.

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This is becoming an unfortunate natural occurrence at every wedding and a photographer’s nightmare in trying to capture that moment in time to remember always. This is the reason couples who are planning to have a wedding event are requesting to have it “unplugged” to allow the photographer to do the work they were paid very handsomely to perform without interference or obstacles to capture those perfect moments.

There is no wish to stop the advancement of technology or the freedom to take photos but we must remember to be respectful of this special day where you were invited by the bride and groom to share. Remember the moment not through a lens but experience it through attention and your own eyes, after all, there will be professional photos of the day and wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the faces of the guest rather than phone styles in the photo.  Just a little something to think about the next time you’re at a wedding. Smile!